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Salt bridge traffic continues to grow, synchronous highlights the social and economic benefits.

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  Salt bridge since opened in July 2013, has been a steady rise in traffic, especially after van release in November 2013, traffic is always maintaining high growth momentum, and the traffic accident rates remain low level in the province. Since this year, as of October 23, bridge traffic for more than last year the total flow rate, is expected to more than 10 million vehicles this year overall mark.

  Bridge owners - zhejiang jia salt bridge across the river investment development co., LTD., always stick to the goal of safe bao chang, for the purpose of social benefits and economic benefits double harvest, to the security and efficiency, to the management performance, creating the oversize bridge model of custody work. Companies strive to build safe, smooth, beautiful and comfortable driving environment, for the majority of passengers take provide thoughtful and considerate, high quality service. Especially in the May Day, ten first-class highway toll free holidays, the province under the condition of high speed large congestion, salt bridge with the strict management, meticulous service and the design of bidirectional eight-lane, successfully realize the smoothness, the traffic is good, without any traffic accident which happened in does not appear any congestion or blocking situation, effectively guarantee the qiantang river basin and Yangtze river delta region of north-south traffic transportation, achieved remarkable social benefits.

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