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Wenzhou smoothly gate bridge main tower crane dismantle

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  Recently, wenzhou middle gate bridge satisfy construction cranes complete demolition of two 140 meters. At this point, the bridge main tower 134 meters outside all construction equipment have been successfully removed, eliminates a major security risk source, further optimization to improve the bridge overall security situation. Bridge, at the same time, present a beautiful shape, like two pagoda standing in the vast sea of yueqing bay sea.

  Gate bridge project of zhejiang province key engineering projects, the construction of the project to improve the transportation conditions of wenzhou port, promote wenzhou petrochemical industry base construction plays an important role. Gate bridge in January 25, the first phase of the final closure for the mainspan, smooth, full bridge may bridge across into the stage of asphalt pavement construction. Wenzhou port group go all out to carry out the bridge form a complete set of engineering construction, the key to strengthen the construction of operating point safety regulation, especially for large equipment dismantling exits and the naval construction platform and construction of temporary steel pier demolished the implementation of safety supervision, and fully to ensure the safety of bridge, the follow-up construction. Gate bridge is now towards the end of July 2015 preliminary try temporary traffic conditions are built and the goal of comprehensive.

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