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Nantong trans-oceanic high-speed annual provincial was named 2014 "demonstration project"

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  Recently, tested and approved by the provincial communications department organization experts, nantong port district, to the first phase of the highway (trans-oceanic high-speed) and 11 project was named provincial "demonstration project" for 2014. Through the first phase of the high speed of 37 km, with a total investment of about 2.3 billion yuan, the project according to the standards of two-way four-lane highway construction, design speed of 120 km/hour, road 28 meters wide. Construction on the project completed in April 2012, at present, the principal part of the project has all over, is the corresponding traffic safety facilities and affiliated facilities construction, the project is expected to open to traffic at the end of the year. Trans-oceanic built high-speed, marked the rudong will bid farewell to completely without "high speed" in history, for some of the local economy high speed development of traffic security.

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