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Mansion deep inter-city rail station or set in longgang Make shenzhen center in the east

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  Longgang district, according to the longgang district government is actively and mansion deep railway, guangshen railway communication, collaboration, strive to finish as soon as possible to establish mansion deep railway cross hillock and lee stand two MRT station; Set the guangshen railway harmony train lee, pinghu railway station MRT site work.

  Mansion deep rail will be in longgang adding two stand guangzhou-shenzhen line 3 sites. Mansion deep railway will add cross hillock and lee two MRT station, the recent use of MRT line contact shenzhen north station, fast forward to on line 14 and mansion deep line to provide services; At the same time to speed up the guangshen railway guangzhou-shenzhen line (pinghu - the lo wu) MRT research, set the luohu railway station, lee, pinghu railway station 3 MRT site; Strive to deep hui intercity line in the middle of the "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" construction; Breakthrough area bottleneck restriction, promote the construction of line 10 east extension line; To speed up the line 14, 16, 17, prophase work, strive to "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" during start-up projects.

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