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The sino-burmese international thoroughfare longrui highway opened during the year

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  The construction of national key construction projects, to the international thoroughfare dragon (ling) to r (rei) highway engineering construction progress, shall be borne by China railway nine innings group construction of the territory is located in luxi city four blocks, longrui highway bridge prototype shuttle Yu Yunling depths, especially as the dragon walking, in yuengling western yunnan presents a kind of beautiful scenery.

  As to the land and water transport international thoroughfare important sections, longrui headquarters in the highway construction in yunnan province on May 30, 2011 in the sino-burmese border dehong dai and jingpo autonomous prefecture, yunnan province, ruili construction mobilization meeting held and founded the formally opened the prelude of construction engineering. Dragon (ling) to r (rei) highway is main highway in yunnan province "9210" skeleton network, "7719" general trunk road network and the important component of the overall planning of highway network development, from yunnan longling county, baoshan city longshan card, and insurance (mountain) dragon (ling) highway, via lum, stop at ruili sister, is a national highway system to hangzhou (state) to red (rei) is an important part of the highway, it is also one of key exit in yunnan international thoroughfare, the 128.4 km highway main construction standards for four lanes, design speed of 80 kilometers, the budgetary estimate of project investment is 10.75 billion yuan, planned construction period for four years, while open to traffic before the end of 2015, when only more than eight hours from kunming to ruili.

  Iron nine innings group task longrui four blocks the highway construction, construction section 3.96 km, of which two of the large bridge, the bridge 5, tin, such as one 1 multi-arch tunnel, 2 on the super-large bridge is broadly, located in western yunnan province along the hengduan mountains in the south west, the south part of the gaoligong mountains, elevation of 1300 ~ 1800 meters, the terrain cutting strong, maximum difference of more than 700 meters, average between 300 ~ 500 meters, has a long rainy season, climate changes, geographical condition is complex, difficult construction, strict quality requirements, such as the tight difficult.

  Engineering construction, in order to ensure the progress of the strong push, China railway nine innings longrui projects department all construction workers, not afraid of difficulties and obstacles, hard, play a "special can bear, especially can fight" the spirit, the spirit of "brand tree nine innings, western yunnan monument building" for the idea, combined with mountain natural geographical conditions, the rigorous intends to formulate a special hanging blue construction schemes, in view of the important and difficult in the process of construction was set up QC team, set up the subject one breakthrough, successfully conquer the mountain large span continuous beam, drilling piles, the piers mold, concrete pouring, steel tube scaffold construction, technical problems, which greatly promoted the progress, the industry is highly, organize many brothers unit to view communication, the project construction has entered a crucial stage. As to participate in the construction of the author, face to meet engineering victory in sight, young to throw; "To" four standard - the long rui old bridge on slope fold inductive. Only drink water, west lake and the fish eat paddy fields, thousands of miles, south of the colorful cloud as shu dian day. Rustling xi fog he mountain, the wind rustling xi rain cold, have that year, members of the expedition to Burma, with melancholy xi no longer also, children awake cone and now nine innings wins but soldier thousands, the bridge itself, HangRui allows, standing between heaven and earth.

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