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   Jiangsu ShuaiLong group co., LTD is mainly engaged in metal products manufacturing, real estate, international trade, financial investment, logistics, warehousing, modern service industry of the diversified large-scale group company. The company has experienced from manufacturing, real estate, international trade and financial investment, logistics, warehousing, the extension of modern service industry, walked out of a "relying on scientific and technological progress, implement quality and create satisfactory products" the road of independent innovation.

   The company covers an area of 266800 square meters, registered capital of 498 million yuan, is the production of various specifications of low relaxation prestressed steel strand, unbonded steel strand, epoxy coated steel wire, cable bridge with hot dip galvanized steel wire, galvanized steel wire, zinc - 5% aluminum alloy galvanized steel wire, a variety of purposes, spring wire, cable, optical cable to strengthen core semi-finished products (phosphating, galvanized steel wire of the professional enterprises, annual comprehensive production capacity of 300000 tons. Product best-selling domestic and exported to the United States, Europe, Japan, South Korea, southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa and other regions and countries.

   The company technical force is abundant, and many research institutes have extensive relations of cooperation. Company in 2001, the first by China classification society ISO9001 quality management system certification, handsome dragon prestressed steel strand was named nantong famous brand products, nantong famous trademark, won three consecutive terms issued by the China steel industry association metallurgical product quality "center", the steel wire rope for coal logo certification, the company in 2010 named Sue, top 500 private economy of 500 and the top 2011 nantong, nantong in 2010 by the bureau of quality and technical supervision as quality management advanced enterprises, in 2012 by nantong government awarded "outstanding private enterprises", nantong credit management model enterprise, production safety demonstration units, qualified to confirm unit, in 2013 by China railway materials circulation association as A grade credit rating, and through the standardization good behavior in jiangsu province AAA certificate. Shanghai shen highway outstanding material suppliers, the beijing-shanghai high-speed railway construction headquarters a-class supplier, China coal energy group qualified suppliers, dhi qi highway huai close period of "excellent supplier", AA level highway engineering of guangdong province bureau of industry units.

   Company detection equipment is complete, there are mainly tensile testing machine 60 tons, 30 tons, 10 tons, 5 tons and 3 tons and 1 ton, 0.25 tons, and is equipped with relaxation testing machine, five elemental analyzer, metallographic, twisting machine, bending machine, winding machine, the oil drop point meter, etc. Test center testing qualified products by the ministry of railways, the ministry of communications, all national, provincial, municipal sampling all qualified. Company host and participate in the drafting of GB/T24202-2009 national standards for the fiber strength with carbon steel wire, GB/T5224-2014 national standard of prestressed concrete steel strand, and participate in the drafting of the forthcoming prestressed galvanized steel strand, the construction of high strength galvanized steel strand, the bridge cable with aluminium zinc - 5% - rare earth alloy coating steel wire, the prestressed aluminum hot galvanizing - 5% of rare earth alloy steel strand, such as standard.

   Now products have been widely used in the beijing-shanghai high-speed railway, mansion deep railway, Long Sha railway, guangzhou-zhuhai railway, ha da long railway, hangzhou railway, shanghai-kunming railway, the appropriate xiang-gui railway, han railway and the railway, jinwen railway, lanzhou-chongqing railway, Sparta, jingguang railway, jade iron railway, railway, south YunGui railway, government inter-city and Buddha zhao inter-city, clear inter-city, connect Hong Kong passenger dedicated line, hangzhou railway passenger dedicated line, Shanghai hongqiao hub, ShenJiaHu high-speed, S6 jia min overhead road, Shanghai, nanjing urban subway airport line, the high speed, qianjiang channel, ningbo, chongqing rail transit and rail transit line 1 guang Ming high-speed, high-speed two wide, wide wide nakae high-speed, high-speed, dhi qi high-speed, high-speed Huang Qi, wangjiang Yangtze river bridge connection, guangxi to high-speed, high-speed LiuWu, jing that high speed, long shao Lou highway, yunnan longrui high-speed highway, song kun, Mongolian inkstone highway, qian zhang chang high-speed railway, highway, guangfo of fuzhou expressway, hangzhou east lake expressway, hong kong-zhuhai-macao bridge, zhuhai gate bridge, connecting cables, wenzhou oujiang nankou bridge, guangzhou phoenix bridge, fine salt bridge across the river, hainan qinlan port oil wharf and the domestic each big port, wharf, ships, mines, oil field, some key projects, such as high-rise building construction.

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